DOJ Action Suggests It's Heard Enough of MIM's Crap

JESUSLAND—Hot on the heels of last month's campaign to have religious conservatives push federal legislators to sign letters to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that his office prosecute more "illegal pornography," Morality in Media (MIM) on Monday launched a new three-day campaign (May 2-4) where its minions could call a toll-free number and be directed to "a key office at the Department of Justice official who can help with the issue of obscenity."

Callers to the number could press 1, 2 or 3 to reach a Justice Department functionary to whom the pro-censorship crowd could vent their frustrations that the DOJ is not prosecuting enough producers of sexually explicit material—though certainly Ira Isaacs and Barry Goldman would disagree.

"Next week, U. S. Attorney General Holder must go before the U. S. Senate and House Judiciary committees for oversight hearings on his management of the Department of Justice," MIM CEO Patrick Trueman wrote in an email over the weekend, establishing the phone-in. "He will face questions from Congress regarding his lack of enforcement of adult pornography laws."

However, at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, just a single legislator, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA), sounded out Holder regarding his views as to "any connection between hardcore adult pornography and child pornography, human trafficking, violence toward women and sexually violent behavior." Holder generally said that there "probably was," but declined to state any facts on which he based that belief, saying simply that he didn't know.

But it's clear that whoever inhabited those "key offices" at the DOJ quickly tired of hearing the same mindless crap that MIM supporters and their ilk usually spout about the "dangers" and "harms" of sexual material, because before their Monday business day was over, the company MIM had hired to forward its activists' phone calls started delivering the following message to MIM's callers: "We have closed this account at the request of our provider and the party that your account was forwarding phone calls to."

Likely translation: "Stop calling us! You're driving us crazy! The DOJ staffers are complaining and we don't want to ruin our relationship with them just to forward phone calls from hundreds of ignorant yahoos complaining about porn!"

MIM's reaction? "WE ARE NOT DETERRED," Trueman wrote in an email to subscribers. "We just contracted with another company and have been promised that they will work for us and keep the line open."

You tell 'em, Pat! And when this company pulls the plug after enough complaints from the DOJ, you'll find another one, we're sure—anything to keep those donations coming!