Danish Prostitutes Offer Free Sex to Climate Summit Delegates

COPENHAGEN—Despite the fact that prostitution is legal and regulated in Denmark, Ritt Bjerregaard, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, has sent postcards to 160 hotels in the city requesting that delegates to this week’s United Nations climate summit refrain from purchasing sex. The response by the country’s sex worker association was immediate: produce a postcard, prove you’re a delegate, and you can have sex with our beautiful prostitutes for free. 

"All delegates who come to Copenhagen for the world climate summit will be able to use the postcards for payment after making a request on our website," Susanne Moeller, a spokesperson for the Danish association for the defense of sex workers, said. "We do not expect many delegates (to make use of the offer), but we want to protest what we consider discrimination." Moeller added that the offer is good for the duration of the climate talks.

The city also sent letters to hotel managers asking them to take measures to prevent prostitutes from meeting clients in the establishments. The postcards, which are to be distributed to hotel guests, read "Be sustainable: Don't buy sex."

One wonders precisely what is unsustainable about purchased sex, and also how the city, in light of why the delegates are there in the first place, justifies sacrificing all of those trees cut down to make the postcards. Also, since sex is the original life-sustaining activity, shouldn't the city encourage the practice rather than the opposite? And if the country went to the trouble of legalizing prostitution, for whom did they legalize it if not visitors to the city?

Lastly, if the delegates to the summit are there to literally save the world from extinction, don't we all want them to be as physically satidfied as possible, and thus able to fully focus on the work at hand? Why is it that the city doesn't get that but the sex workers do?