Camarillo Puts 45-Day Hold on Adult Production in the City

CAMARILLO, Calif.—After receiving “several film requests” from adult producers the Camarillo City Council voted Wednesday night to place a 90 day moratorium on porn shoots in the city, the Ventura County Star is reporting. According to city officials, the requests included individual film shoots but also one seeking to establish an adult film studio in the area.

That got their attention. According to Camarillo Assistant City Attorney Don Davis, “Officials did not disclose the number of permits recently requested but called it ‘unusual activity’ for the city.”

But the officials do have an idea why the requests were made, which is no doubt why they wanted a timeout. “Officials believe the increase in requests may be stemming from the passage of Measure B last year requiring condom use during porno filming and other regulations within cities throughout Los Angeles County and Simi Valley,” the Star reported. “Officials fear the adoption of such ordinances may drive the adult film industry to look at other jurisdictions with fewer regulations.”

Councilman Mike Morgan, calling the San Fernando Valley a “stronghold” for the adult industry, expressed the prevailing sentiment, saying, “Now that they’ve put some restrictions on them that inhibit them, they’re trying to move out of there. We don’t want them to migrate to our area.”

To that end, said Davis, the council sought the month and a half freeze to look into creating “an urgency ordinance… to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the community.”

According to the Star, “Urgency ordinances require a four-fifths vote to pass and are effective immediately. The council is expected to approve the new ordinance in a few weeks.”