Brandi Love Regains Account After Twitter Hack

CYBERSPACE—Brandi Love announced today that she has regained control of her Twitter account, which she reports was hacked January 9. While the account was behind her control, followers were deleted and false posts created, producing a stressful situation for the Sweetheart Video contract star, who has roughly half a million followers.

Pinned on top of the account currently is a thank-you message in which Love expresses her gratitude to Twitter and her fans, whom she calls Lovetroopers, for their assitance in regaining the site.

“I made a decision a long time ago to be vulnerable with the fans. To be open, honest and accessible,” Brandi said. “I spend considerable time conversing with my followers on topics ranging from politics to sports to alternative relationships. We obviously talk about sexuality but my timeline is—or was—pretty unique. This is what I love about the Twitter and Instagram platforms—they have allowed me to truly interact with my followers.

“When people take advantage of that which is most vulnerable—steal it—and then use it for nefarious means, it hurts on a deeply emotional level. I feel emotionally and psychologically violated.”

After much effort, Love regain control of her account on Thursday. She still has 450,000 followers and she reports that most of the damage appears to have been temporary, though it’s hard to be certain due to the sensitive information that had been available to the hackers.

Her Instagram account (@LoveTroopers) remains hacked at present.

“From a business standpoint it's equally damaging,” she said. “I have often written about my affinity for Twitter and the tremendous business opportunities that have come to life because of my interactions there. Trapped within my DM's at the hacked account were numerous contracts, interviews, business opportunities and business contact information. This hack disrupted at least $20,000 worth of business in January/February, eliminated 50 percent of my Social Media Marketing (SMM) Plan and consumed over 40 man hours and counting.”

Check out Brandi’s Twitter: @Brandi_Love.

For her full statement to the media regarding the hack, click here.