Batman’s Braun Sues 7,098 Alleged Pirates

CYBERSPACE—The complaint is six pages long, which tells you all you need to know about the new legal template being embraced by more and more adult content producers making the decision to hop on the “John Doe” copyright litigation train. This time it is noted director Axel Braun, who tapped attorney Kenneth Ford and the West Virginia-based Adult Copyright Company to file a lawsuit Friday in U.S. District Court in Martinsburg, W.V., against 7,098 alleged infringers of Batman XXX, A Porn Parody.

“The true names of Defendants are unknown to the Plaintiff at this time,” reads the complaint. “Each defendant is known to the Plaintiff only by the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address assigned to that Defendant by his or her Internet Service Provider on the date and at the time at which the infringing activity of each Defendant was observed. The Plaintiff believes that information obtained in discovery will lead to the identification of each Defendant’s true name and permit the Plaintiff to amend this complaint to state the same.”

Consistent with these cases, the attached documents containing the IP addresses and ISPs of the alleged pirates contains far more pages than the complaint, in this case 73 pages. The roster of ISPs being subpoenaed is the usual list, including Cox Communications, Comcast and Charter Communications, among others.

Braun is seeking a temporary and permanent injunction, actual and statutory damages, court costs and attorneys fees.

The complaint can be read here.