AVN Hall of Famer Evan Stone Talks Bid for Congress in Nevada

LAS VEGAS—In a recently-launched bid to represent Nevada's first congressional district in Washington, D.C., AVN Hall of Fame performer Evan Stone is one of several in a crowded Republican primary race.

Next Tuesday, June 11, is Nevada's statewide primary election for both Democrats and Republicans. In an interview with AVN, Stone elaborated on his reasoning behind running for office and his wish to be the first member of Congress who is an active adult performer. Touting a libertarian-leaning platform, Stone wants to bring change and transparency to the halls of Congress. From supporting congressional term limits to breaking the mold of a typical Trump-era GOP candidate, Stone has a future in mind he thinks will resonate with voters.

"It's nothing personal; I just happen to live in District 1," Stone told AVN. He was alluding to the fact that he's challenging the district's incumbent Democrat, U.S. Rep. Dina Titus, who has served in the role since 2013. "I am sure she's done a competent job. She's been in office for a long time, and no one has said anything bad about Rep. Titus," he said. "I just want to serve."

Stone, 59, is one of the most recognizable faces in modern adult cinema. His many accolades as an adult star include his 2011 AVN Hall of Fame induction, numerous Male Performer of the Year and Best Actor wins, and scores of other awards. Some of Stone's highest-profile work includes his role as Captain Edward Reynolds in Pirates (2005) and Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge (2008), as The Riddler in Batman XXX: A Porn Parody (2010), as mogul Alexander Nash in last year's Seth Gamble-helmed saga Privilege, and many, many more marquee XXX movies. 

Now he wants to start a new chapter as a public servant. He touts a platform that focuses heavily on legalizing prostitution across the country and liberalizing marijuana. Not a typical position of a Republican politician, Stone said that he most likely identifies with right-leaning libertarians. He supports concepts like free markets and the easing of regulation and personal mandates on individuals. He said that he is in full support of the First Amendment and even characterized certain factions in the national Republican Party as "far-right."

We asked him about his view of Project 2025, a network of think tanks and astroturfing organizations led by the conservative Heritage Foundation. As AVN has reported, Project 2025's leadership, Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts, has called for the outright criminalization of pornography and pornographers.

"It's not going to work," Stone said of this expressed agenda. Asked if he would characterize Project 2025 as "far-right," Stone replied, "Yes, they are far-right. They've put statements out there that there is no coming back from. It's, like, there is no middle ground. There's no, 'Let's talk about this.' I find it very offputting that this is their plan." 

Some have painted Project 2025 as an effort to institutionalize Trumpism in the federal government. Regardless of how much the two ideologies do or don't align, though, Stone said that he would welcome an endorsement from former President Donald Trump if it were offered to him.

"Yes. I would accept that from the Republican Party and Trump," Stone said. "It doesn't mean that I agree with everything he's done or said. But, you're not going to point him in the right direction if you don't work with him.

"The man has been convicted of several felonies," he continued. "It's funny that something that happened years ago came to fruition now, when it did. He's got his appeals going on, and we'll see how this goes. It doesn't seem like it has harmed him at all."

Considering the details of the crimes Trump was found guilty of, AVN inquired whether Stone felt any sympathy for fellow AVN Hall of Famer Stormy Daniels. Per AVN's coverage of the trial against Trump in Manhattan, the former president was not criminalized for making hush money payments to an individual. Rather, he was convicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying bank statements and business records to cover up the payments to Daniels.

"First of all, I love Stormy Daniels," Stone asserted. "And, I feel sick seeing all these stupid crazy people out there sending her threats and stuff. It's just ridiculous the stuff she had to go through. I am not surprised that she kept herself together because she is a very strong woman. That being said, I wasn't there so I don't know what is going on. It's a classic he-said-she-said ... I don't have a feeling one way or another. I wasn't there." 

In somewhat of an ironic outing, Stone appeared in a 2016 Hustler Video feature called The Donald. Stone played Donald Trump in a parodied escapade in which he selected his running mate for vice president.

One sequence in the feature depicts Stone dressed up like Trump, watching a would-be VP pick pleasure herself in a bid to win the job.

That's what makes Stone's bid for Congress considerably unique. He is still appearing in brand-new scenes for studios and brands across the adult industry. "I can't wait to have sex on the House floor," Stone joked as a segue toward the question of whether he would still be able to perform while serving in Congress. He said that an attorney will review that potential conflict if he wins the primary next Tuesday.

Stone also voiced support for gun rights, a woman's right to choose, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and other political viewpoints that historically run counter to traditional Republican viewpoints.

But he isn't deterred, even despite the fact that Nevada's first congressional district is regarded by the Cook Partisan Voting Index as Democratic-leaning. Since the 2012 election cycle, Rep. Titus has won in landslides over Republican challengers.

That notwithstanding, if nominated and elected to Congress, Evan Stone would be the first-ever active porn star to serve in a federal-level political position.