Australian Sex Party Officially Registered

DEAKIN WEST, Australia—The Australian Sex Party, a genuine political party down under, now has been officially registered by the Australian Electoral Commission.

While there were some protests over the party's name and parts of its platform, the AEC determined registration of the party did not offend a section of the Commonwealth Electoral act and also ruled that neither the party name nor its abbreviation (ASP) was obscene, though those issues were raised.

A five-page report from the AEC determined that the name did not fall under any obscene claims, despite those who suggested "Australian Sex Party" evoked "orgiastic notions," and it would not "deprave and corrupt" voters, as some against registration had suggested.

"One of the reason for establishing the party was to provide a positive platform for sexual issues amongst the negative notions of sex that most politician and political parties have," said Sex Party convenor Fiona Patten in a statement sent to

"The fact that the AEC spent so much time considering the word 'sex' further exhibits our need for honest and open discussion about sexual matters—be they censorship, education, health or discrimination ones."

Now that the registration process is complete, Patten said the party will seek to develop a wide-ranging platform and detailed policies.

"We will also being the search for suitable candidates for both Senate and House of Reps seats," she said.

Patten added the party is leaning toward female candidates of any age, broadminded and upbeat in their approach to life along with a small or family business background.

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