Australian Police Force Opposes Crime Stoppers Deal With Pornhub

ADELAIDE, Australia—A state-level police force in Australia announced that it has temporarily withdrawn from supporting a local Crime Stoppers program after the global organization Crime Stoppers International (CSI) announced a working relationship with Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners.

Aylo is the parent company of Pornhub. Ethical Capital Partners, a private equity firm, serves as Aylo's new ownership group after acquiring the company in 2023.

The South Australia Police, the statewide law enforcement agency for the Australian state of South Australia, disclosed this move to The Nightly, a regional news outlet.

“South Australia Police is aware of the recent partnership between Crime Stoppers International and Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) and has sought further information from Crime Stoppers South Australia (CSSA),” a police spokesperson told the outlet.

"As an interim step, [South Australia Police] has suspended involvement in current activities with CSSA pending the receipt of further advice.”

However, the Crime Stoppers International board and organizational leadership overwhelmingly supported the partnership with Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners.

"Today marks a milestone as Crime Stoppers International, Aylo and Ethical Capital Partners join efforts to combat ever-evolving online threats worldwide and work together to make the internet safer for all," said Shane Britten, the chief executive officer of CSI, in the announcement of the partnership. 

ECP partner and vice president for law enforcement relations, Derek Ogden, said in the same announcement that "Crime Stoppers International's esteemed reputation in collaboration with law enforcement aligns seamlessly with our mission, reinforcing our shared commitment to reducing harm and exploitation online."

In a later statement, CSI indicated that its board voted unanimously for Aylo and ECP's collaboration with the organization.

"CSI recognizes the production of online content within the adult entertainment industry is inevitable, and chooses collaboration over exclusion," CSI said. 

Crime Stoppers regional organizations are independent non-profits that are administered by local boards and staff.