Anastasia Pierce to Produce New Movie for Hustler's <i>Taboo</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Fetish and glamour gal Anastasia Pierce of Anastasia Pierce Productions has announced that she will begin shooting an upcoming installment of Hustler Video's Taboo series.

Pierce told, "We're doing our first movie for Taboo. It's called Taking Control."

Pierce's longtime standing as a card-carrying member of the fetish community didn't hurt her prospects with Hustler. As Pierce explained, "They contacted us because they wanted to find people who understood fetish and who could reflect their magazine through the movie. So they're giving us a chance."

According to Pierce, the four-scene production is set to roll in mid-July. "We're going to have a girl/girl where there will be submission and dominance," she said. "We'll also have two boy/girl scenes where the man will be in charge and taking control. Then we'll have one where the woman is in charge and the man is submissive. It will be a nice mix. We like to make everybody happy."

Pierce is, among many other things, a people pleaser.