Store Opens in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — Capital Video Corp. opened its store on Monday to little outcry, despite months of protest from local porn-haters who organized to prevent the adult retailer from doing business at the King Street location.

For months, opposing Northampton residents lobbied against the business in its efforts to procure the necessary permits to open, but the city did finally approve those permits, and there were no protestors to be seen Monday.

Leading the charge against the store was a specially formed group called No Porn Northampton, founded by Adam R. Cohen. Cohen told The Republican that he and his wife, Jendi Reiter, visited the store upon its opening and found it "tamer" than they'd expected.

Another resident, Stefan Weiner, told local CBS affiliate WSHM, "It is ridiculous to have a porn shop four blocks away from school. It should be something hidden away."

But the store is bound by a number of rules concerning its façade, including having windows that do not even hint at what's sold inside. The only exterior decorations displayed by the store on opening day were some holiday-themed items such as candy canes and an electric reindeer.

Customers browsing the store that day unanimously told The Republican they felt opponents had made too much of a fuss over it. One woman, Leslie, 26, said, "It's cool. We've been waiting two months for this."