Ala. Club Owner Arrested on Obscenity Charges

DOTHAN, Ala. — Jeffrey Allen Baxter, 48, the owner of Stardust nightclub, has been charged with violating Alabama's Anti-Obscenity Act in connection with the arrests of three women at the club for indecent exposure.

As reported by the Dothan Eagle, Tonia Schiefer, 27, Kayla Nicole Stafford, 18, and Kimberly Rena Summers, 21, were arrested Dec. 23 for flashing others in the club, and Baxter is being held liable, as the owner, for allowing it to happen.

Baxter told the Eagle that the three women were not employees of the club, and that his employees in fact were the ones who called police to have them removed.

"This is a case of girls gone way too wild," Baxter said, adding, "A girl could flash in any bar in Dothan and the same thing would happen."

Baxter was charged with a Class C felony, and the Dothan office of Alabama's Alcohol Beverage Control Board is recommending that the state ABC board suspend or revoke Stardust's alcohol license because this was the club's third offense in the year 2007.