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Performer Wins Appeal for Name Change to 'Candi Bimbo Doll'

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Performer Wins Appeal for Name Change to 'Candi Bimbo Doll'

SAN FRANCISCO—The California 1st District Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of an adult performer who petitioned a lower court to change her name to "Candi Bimbo Doll" legally. All three justices on the appeals court ruled unanimously in her favor.

Bimbo Doll, who was going by Samantha E. Wood, petitioned to change her name in 2023 to complete her self-identification and designation as a "bimbo." Samantha E. Wood was her chosen name when she was transitioning years before.

As of this writing, she is still Samantha E. Wood. Her attorney, however, refers to her by her soon-to-be legal name.

"My bimbofication has been a years-long journey, and I still have many more years to go—it is an iterative process that will likely never be complete because that's the nature of artificial perfection: there is always a higher peak to ascend to," Bimbo Doll said.

A Superior Court judge in San Francisco, Judge Gail Dekreon, denied the original petition by Bimbo Doll, who was representing herself at the time.

“No person has a statutory right to officially change their name to a name universally recognized as being offensive,” Dekreon said.

Bimbo Doll retained counsel and appealed to the 1st District. The justices overruled Dekreon, citing First Amendment rights.
"In short, as best we understand it, 'Bimbofication' is using the once derogatory term as a means of empowerment, to build a sense of community—as a positive," argues Justice James Richman for the three judges of the court. "The trial court disregarded all that."
Presiding Justice Therese Stewart and Justice Marla Miller concurred with Richman's argument in the court's ruling.
Richman references the social trend of "bimbofication" and even cites media and communications lecturer Harriet Fletcher of Anglia Ruskin University, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Richman cites Fletcher's 2023 column for The Conversation, entitled "Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is a ‘feminist bimbo’ classic—and no, that’s not an oxymoron."
The critically acclaimed Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the eponymous main character, was nominated for eight Academy Awards at this year's ceremony, including Best Picture, and took home one, for Best Original Song (Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For?").
"In sum and in short, Bimbo is not a fighting word," writes Richman. "It is not vulgar. ... The order denying the petition to change name is reversed, and the matter is remanded to the trial court to enter a new order granting the petition." 
Bimbo Doll is elated for the appeal court to side with her.
"It is the first part of me that is really and fully done, and I am beyond overjoyed that the Court of Appeal has seen fit to rectify the miscarriage of justice that would have consigned me to eternal nominative mediocrity," she said. "Bimbofication should be all-encompassing; every part of a bimbo needs to be exceptional. And now, one part of me will forever be cemented as exactly that."
Candi Bimbo Doll goes by the stage name Juliette Stray. She's appeared in many scenes for brands small and large, including Devil's TGirls, Gender X Films, Shemale Club and Trans500.