AB 332 Hits State Assembly Committee Tomorrow

SACRAMENTO—While it's unclear why, on March 19, the California Assembly's Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Committee tabled consideration of Assemblymember Isadore Hall III's bill, AB 332, which would require hazardous materials (hazmat) suits and other "barrier protections" in adult movies, but the bill will be taken up for reconsideration by the same committee tomorrow. Though the bill's text hasn't changed from that previously analyzed by AVN, it has picked up a new co-sponsor: Assemblymember Richard Bloom, a Democrat representing Santa Monica.

Indeed, of the seven-member committee, most represent areas that are likely to be affected if adult production, because of Measure B, is forced to leave Los Angeles County. The Committee chairman Ian C. Calderon, a Democrat, represents the LA-adjacent City of Industry, while member Jimmy Gomez (D) represents LA's Echo Park area. Those whose districts would also possibly be affected are vice-chair Marie Waldron (R) of Escondido in southern Orange County, member Cheryl Brown (D) of San Bernardino and Scott Wilk (R) of Santa Clarita.

Testifying in opposition to the bill will be Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane Duke, who will point out the many flaws of the bill, which she describes as "Measure B gone statewide."

"We're very concerned about the effects this bill may have on the adult industry and its members, and we'll be presenting testimony that we hope will show the committee members why this bill would not only be bad for the industry but for the state as well," Duke said.

Duke reported that the committee is scheduled to begin its consideration of the bill shortly after it convenes at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, and it is expected that several industry personnel and others who oppose AB 332 will testify as well—and it is also likely that AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein will also appear before the committee.

Check back with AVN.com tomorrow for a report on what was said, and any actions the committee took in response.

Pictured: Assemblymembers Isadore Hall III (top) and Richard Bloom (bottom)