A Letter From Max


"Thank you so much for the interesting articles you sent me. Since I'm cut off from the latest industry news, I found them captivating and enlightening. I'm a little surprised to read about the odd motion in Stagliano's case especially. I must confess I'm a little (or more) concerned about John, as he seems bound and determined to fight it out with the Feds, and that is rarely a good plan of action. I recommend he have his lawyers see what kind of deal he could get. But he was having none of that—at least for now. He seems convinced that if he goes to trial, he'll be able to get the jury to agree the movies aren't obscene. But I'm not so sure he'll be able to do that, considering the way the law is written and the content of the films. And if he doesn't win, he stands to face and suffer some very heavy penalties.

"Now that I've become acquainted with my new surroundings, I'm amazed that this old place is still being used to house prisoners! It's amazingly crowded, at twice its [rated] capacity of 600, as well as very old and run-down. La Tuna FCI [Federal Correctional Institution] bears a striking resemblance to an ancient Spanish mission like we have in California, and seems to have been built around the same time period.

"Despite this, it's actually an improvement over the Metropolitan Detention Center where I was confined inside for the previous eight months. Here, we have a huge outside recreation facility, with a soccer and softball field, tennis, racquetball and basketball courts, and a covered workout area with free weights and exercise machines. The surrounding desert and mountainous countryside is also a big step up from downtown Los Angeles.

"As my attorneys Lou Sirkin and Jennifer Kinsley make final preparations for their upcoming appearance [Oct. 29] before the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta to present my appeal, I have the utmost confidence in their ability to overturn my unjust convictions and restore my civil rights. But they will also be representing the entire adult industry and the American people. It's truly repugnant that in this day and age, the government can and will deprive citizens of their freedom for speaking out, or creating works of art and entertainment which a minority of the people may simply find offensive to their feelings. It's not that much different than they do in backward societies around the world, which we all condemn.

"It's unfortunate that AVN will be unable to go to Atlanta to personally report on the proceedings. Your analyses are so insightful. Just as important, perhaps, would be that the judges would know that this case is being watched closely and reported on by a vigilant press.

"Thanks again for your continuing coverage of this important and potentially groundbreaking case. At the very least, I hope it will have the effect of preventing what has happened to me from befalling someone else.

"Very truly yours,

"Paul F. Little, Register No. 44902-112*

"La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution

"Post Office Box 3000

"Anthony, NM 88021

"P.S.: I just received a letter of support from Rocco Siffredi, who wrote, 'Ciao Max, I appreciate your courage, and please resist for all of your fans and the people who love you!! Your friend, Rocco Siffredi.' That means a lot to me—and Joey Silvera's support as well, who says to stay strong."

* Actually, Paul refers to himself as "Censorship Victim 44902-112™"