UPDATE - Judge Issues PayPal Order in 'Corbin Fisher v Oron'

LAS VEGAS, NV—U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro issued an order today in Liberty Media v FF Magnat — the recently dismissed copyright infringement lawsuit filed June 20 by Corbin Fisher against file locker Oron.com — that declared that funds contained in a PayPal account owned by Oron can be unfrozen as long as $749,821.50 (most of which is currently owed to CF) remains frozen until it is paid to the plaintiff as part of the court-enforced settlement.

"The maximum amount to which Plaintiff could possibly be entitled to is the sum awarded in the Settlement Agreement, plus the amount that Plaintiff subsequently requested in attorneys’ fees and costs," wrote Judge Navarro in her three-page order granting in part an Oron motion. "Specifically, Plaintiff is entitled to $550,000.00 under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, and is currently seeking $199,821.50 in attorneys’ fees and costs, the sum total of which is $749,821.50. This amount must remain frozen in Defendant’s PayPal account.

"However," she continued, "the Court previously ordered PayPal to satisfy the judgment that Plaintiff received against the Defendant in the Court’s Order enforcing the settlement agreement. Therefore, once PayPal has paid the ordered $550,000.00 to Plaintiff, PayPal must keep only the remaining $199,821.50 frozen until Plaintiff’s Motion for Attorneys’ Fees is resolved. To that end, the Court grants, in part, Defendant’s Motion for Disbursement of Funds. Until PayPal, Inc. pays Plaintiff the sum of $550,000.00, as previously ordered, a total amount of $749,821.50 must remain frozen in Defendant’s PayPal account. Any sum exceeding that amount must be unfrozen."

So, Oron remains on the hook for three-quarters of a mil, assuming the attorneys' fees are granted, and it appears that the answer to our question whether PayPal paid the $550,000 last Friday or not is... not.

The order can be accessed here.


The court ruled today on attorneys' fees in the case, awarding "in favor of Plaintiff Liberty Media Holdings, LLC and against Defendant Oron.com in the amount of $131,797.50."

The plaintiff had sought $199,821.50 in attorneys’ fees and costs. The ruling brings the total owed Liberty to $681,797.50.

This article was originally published on August 27, 2012.