Kimberly Kupps, Husband Plead 'No Contest" to Obscenity Charge

POLK COUNTY, Fla.—Last June, an amateur performer and her husband were arrested by the notoriously intolerant Polk County following a three month investigation into porn videos the couple was producing in their Lake Wales home for sale on Rather than fight the charges in court, however, Kupps, whose real name is Theresa Taylor, and her husband, Warren, entered a 'no contest' plea on Feb. 28.

According to AVN coverage at the time, "Six videos were downloaded and shown to County Judge Reinaldo Ojeda for review. In April, Ojeda ruled the videos were obscene material under state law. The investigators also allegedly obtained emails proving that sexually explicit videos were shot at the couple’s home. The article states that Kupps husband admitted to police that the couple shot and uploaded videos for money, and that they had made an average of $700 a month for the past four months."

According to The Ledger, "Each was charged with wholesale promotion of obscene material, which is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. But the state dropped that charge as part of the plea agreement, according to court documents.

"Instead," the article continued, "each defendant will pay court costs totaling $325, and Circuit Judge Beth Harlan adjudicated each of them guilty, which impacts their civil rights."

The article also states that the couple moved to California after their ordeal at the hands of the local Florida Gestapo.

Welcome to civilization, folks!