Adult Store Wins Appeal in Obscenity Case

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - An area adult video store owner previously accused of selling obscene material has won an appeal today, according to the Missouri News.

Robert Crump Jr., owner of Midnight Video, received two years of unsupervised probation after he was found guilty last year of three counts of second degree obscenity promotion. According to the report, appellate judges have now reversed Crump's conviction and ordered a new trial.

According to court documents, a Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force was asked by an area prosecutor to investigate some alleged violations at Crump's business. During the ten-month investigation, informants purchased adult movies at Midnight Video on three different occasions.

However, according to the Missouri News report, Crump's attorney successfully requested a new trial, arguing on appeal that a probable cause statement failed to state any facts describing the movies' contents.

The state agreed, saying "...Neither party wants to cause this Honorable Court to be required to review the six hours of sexually explicit adult material in the case."