'20/20' Looks at Sex in America Tonight on ABC

NEW YORK - Adult retailer Sherri Williams and author Dr. Marty Klein are featured tonight on "20/20" in a special report on sex in America.

In the segment "Sex Culture," Klein discusses America's war on sex. "There are groups of people out there who are devoted to scaring the heck out of Americans about sexuality," he tells host John Stossel. "The truth is children think about sex whether we want them to or not. Children don't need our help to think about sex [...] American society attempts to restrict what adults can do, what adults can see, what adults can hear, more than any other industrial country."

The segment "Policing Sex" includes a look at Williams' ten-year legal battle against Alabama's law banning sex troys as "obscene devices."

Williams is the owner of Pleasures one-stop romance shops in Huntsville and Decatur, Ala. and the plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the state law on constitutional grounds. Williams lost her final appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court when the High Court refused to hear the case on October 10. She continues to operate her stores and actively seeks partners to expand the chain.

ABC shot the interview with Williams in January. Last week, the news media reported that Alabama D.A. Troy King, who appealed Williams' last victory in the District Federal Court, has been accused of an extramarital affair with a male aide.

"A conservative government is organized hypocrisy," Williams told AVN. "And again, this as evidenced by the recent allegations against Alabama's District Attorney Troy King." 

"20/20" airs at 10 p.m. Other segments in tonight's broadcast explore the topics of public sex, polygamy, and predator laws.