X Industry Jobs Reports Record Openings in March

CHICAGOXIndustryJobs.com, a job-placement service for the adult industry, reported that March saw a sharp increase in the number of job openings posted.

"We saw a 20 percent jump in job openings in March from previous months by adult companies," said Eddie Kreider, senior vice president of business development.

The posted openings ranged from administrative positions to marketing and technical positions.

"If this trend continues, we should see a record number of openings in April, as well," Kreider said.

Fifty percent of the job postings came from companies listing jobs with X Industry Jobs for the first time, and 25 percent of the positions were newly created.

"While more mainstream companies are downsizing, we are seeing more mainstream candidates interviewing with adult companies now," Kreider said.

XindustryJobs.com features a system for identifying, interviewing and verifying candidates for a company's hiring process.

Employers seeking to fill positions should send email to [email protected].

Job seekers can submit resumes in confidence to [email protected].