WrestlingMale.com Launches New Series 'Spy Shot'

LOS ANGELESWrestlingmale.com on Friday announced the debut of a new series called Spy Shot that was born from Wrestlingmale ultimate shooting session at the boxing & MMA club No Limit Sport Center in Barcelona.

For the first time, thanks to a camera that WrestlingMale called “Spy cam," they shared a perverse and voyeuristic raw and uncut version of their scenes.

The producer Etienne Erik invited Alter Sin (Best Artistic Director for Grabbys Europe 2021) to be their “Spy cameraman." Alter Sin filmed all the action, plus all the behind-the-scenes atmosphere.

"This version gets a very special natural and kinky touch: it definitely projects you into the live Wrestlingmale production as if you were your both indiscreet and wandering own cameraman, filming your most inner secret and unacknowledged fetishes," according to Wrestingmale. "… Further, you get a second bi-cam version of the action! Only Wrestlingmale gives this opportunity to enjoy an exclusive two-in-one movie concept with two separate films per scene."

Spy Shot also emphasizes the Wrestlingmale core identity that makes them successful: a unique aesthetic that mixes the fetishes of wrestling sports, domination and submission play roles—from soft sensuality to rough ferocity and BDSM—with an international eclectic cast of porn stars, models and fighters.

The cast includes Viktor Rom, Manuel Skye, Michael Roman, Gabriel Phoenix, Massimo Arad, Seth Santoro, Cole Keller, Dolf Dietrich and Ken Summers. Wrestlingmale still adds new top recruits for his new Spy Shot series such as Ruslan Angelo, Bastian Karim, Rico Vega, Babylon Prince, Juanchos and more.

For more information about Wrestlingmale, the Spy Shot series and Etienne Erik here.