When Johnny Met Jovonnie

This article is a web exclusive addition to a story on Supreme X, which appeared in the July issue of AVN and can be found here.

Long before Johnny V filmed SeXXXerSize for Supreme X Entertainment, the popular performer—who has already compiled a Hall-of-Fame worthy filmography on all four labels at the Falcon Studios Group, along with his work at AmericanMuscleHunks.com—was smitten with his co-star, another A-list superstar.

“My involvement with Supreme X came about from conversing with Jovonnie over the course of a few years. I am a huge fan of Jovonnie first and foremost, and after following his career and social media—even prior to my adult film career—I finally had the balls to step up to the plate and reach out to him. We tossed ideas back and forth and spoke about collaborating, until the day finally presented itself. Now I am hooked and cannot get enough.”

Neither can the folks at SXE, which was founded in 2015 before launching SupremeXent.com and JovonnieXXX.com in January.

“I don’t know where to start. I cannot say enough great things about Johnny V,” says studio owner Lance. “Without a doubt, he is by far the most professional talent that I have work with thus far. We formed an instant friendship, which was entirely natural because the guy is just so damn authentic, funny as hell and effortlessly the coolest personality in any room. So needless to say, I fucking love Johnny V and made him a part of the family.”

Pairing him with “the face” of SXE was a coup, and for Jovonnie—who got his start in the industry in 2007—it was another highlight in a long and influential career. He began at age 18 after a casting agent approached him on a nude beach in South Florida.

“I have been steadily working for over 10 years now. I’m proud of my new work, but equally proud that some of my earliest films like Home Alone are still fan faves,” he says. “I have learned my worth. It is so important in this industry to know what you bring to the project and advocate for yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes in the industry, you have to fight to have your value recognized. I’ve also learned that there is nothing you have to do. It is always a choice for each person to make … (and) branding is really important. You have to come at it with a business mindset. It is a business. I’ve learned not to be too tangible and allow yourself to get overexposed. You are a fantasy. You have to protect that.”

His connection with Supreme X has allowed Jovonnie to grow even more, with added responsibilities in casting and creative.

“I am so excited to have input into every aspect of production. It is important for me to grow and learn new aspects of the industry. I always want it to feel fresh,” he says. “Working with Supreme X allows me freedom as a performer. I love being part of a supportive and focused team. I truly believe that multiple perspectives and experiences are needed to create in any business.”

Enter Johnny V, who will undoubtedly bring more eyes to the studio.

“Johnny V is so cool and fun. It was such an easy set. We laughed a lot,” shares Jovonnie. “I was a fan of his work, and he has such a big personality. He is a true pro to work with. I think when you feel a connection with the other performer, people can see it in the work.”

Lance concurs, calling the shoot “Too much fun! And chemistry perfection. Honestly, SeXXXerSize is arguably the best all-around interracial porn star movie. Jovonnie and Johnny weren’t acting at all; the weight room workout, the sex … it is all real. We had to keep them in separate bedrooms the night before the shoot so that the thirst would build up. It worked!”

Johnny V notes he arrived in Atlanta for the shoot a bit later than expected and was taken to his hotel suite, where he was greeted shortly thereafter by both men.

“I was a bit starstruck, but kept my cool,” he recalls. “Lance and myself discussed the details surrounding the shoot for the following day and went to grab a bite to eat. Shortly after that, Jovonnie and I had some bonding time, which truly set the tone for our scene.”

And the shoot? “Absolutely amazing,” gushes Johnny V. “Our ability to interact with one another so naturally on camera, Jovonnie was rock hard the entire shoot, the sexual chemistry was at an ultimate high between us both. I could not get enough of sucking on that beautiful cock, and Jovonnie definitely knows how to bring the heat and passion to a scene—he definitely knows how to please a man. The sex was intimate and mind-blowing; I almost came without touching myself.”

There were other fun memories from the experience: “During the B-roll at the gym, we had an anxious bystander who kept creepin' on Jovonnie and looking at his junk flopping around in his shorts. I was practically hard admiring it, too,” Johnny V laughs. “There was also a point in the scene where I drizzled some creamy yogurt on Jovonnie's monster cock before indulging myself in both. I had such an amazing time working with him that I am anxious to do it again. I have been in touch with him as well as Lance, and we are currently in the works of setting something up again in the near future.”

That will be part of “historic moves,” notes Lance. “Stay tuned…lot’s more of Johnny V, he’s family now. And there are even bigger surprises coming. It’s gonna be a crazy ride, but I won’t spill the beans.”

Whatever it is promises to propel the industry forward.

“Our goal is to become the leader of the hottest interracial pairings and content in the world—and not to just do it and say we did that, but with substance,” says Lance. “This is especially important, because our company is a representation of pop culture in every way. It’s not about pairing a black guy and white guy, it’s about defining what is sexy—and that is black, white, Latino, Caribbean, Asian, mixed, etc. I feel the industry has been especially slow to evolve in this area with regards to authentic, enjoyable interracial content with substance.”

It’s a trend the performers are all too familiar with.

“Studios like Supreme X Entertainment are extremely important to add diversity to the industry,” says Johnny V. “I will be honest, as we spoke openly about this on set and off—some studios do not believe in integrating African American men with white men, simply because that is their demographic and/or because that is the way they have been functioning for years. Personally, I love black men, and this was a dream come true for me to have this opportunity to work with a predominantly black studio. We need to integrate more, not only because times have and are changing, but also because there is a huge fan base out there who love interracial sex. Everyone is different, but I feel as though the magic we made happen with SeXXXercise is truly an amazing piece of work and we need more of that in the industry.”

Adds Jovonnie: “Things are evolving in urban adult entertainment. I hope we are moving away from barriers, pigeonholing and labeling. I know at Supreme X, we are committed to changing up the game and not being limited by past expectations. Sexy is sexy.”