Webmaster Central Launches Premium Gay

Long-standing provider of adult broadband content Webmaster Central launched the newest addition to their Premium feed line-up, Premium Gay, this afternoon. The new Premium Gay broadband feed is one of the highest quality gay movie feeds available on the Web today.

“Our clients were constantly asking us for a quality gay movie feature but it's very difficult to find good gay content so it took awhile,” said Webmaster Central president Andy Alvarez. “We finally found some of the best and were able to put something together.”

So what makes Premium Gay’s content, well, premium?

“The clarity is second to none and the screen size at 480x390 (384k) is incredible for Internet viewing,” Alvarez boats. “It's just like television."

In addition, all Premium Gay full-length movies are from the top adult producers in the business, including Legend video, and are full-length and updated bi-weekly.

“We work with the best movie producers in the world, including Legend Video, which makes some of the best movies in the industry. Also, our streaming system is second to none which is very important.”

And the reaction so far?

“It's been great,” gushed Alvarez. “We just launched today but everyone that has had time to look at it has already requested a link be sent. Premium Gay has turned to be one of the best feature feeds we have.”