Watch Jeff Stryker Protect His Home From Wildfires

CYBERSPACE—Jeff Stryker, the 55-year-old legend of porn who performed in and directed dozens of gay and straight adult movies over a two-decade span starting in the early 1980s, came close to losing his home earlier this month as wildfire raged across Southern California. Now Stryker has made one more video, this one fully suitable for posting on YouTube, chronicling his adventure in survival.

Stryker posted the video, which he apparently filmed on December 6,  to his own YouTube account about two weeks later. Here’s how he described the video on his YouTube page:

“Jeff Stryker fights fire trying to save his million dollar home. Smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife, fire consumes some 6 homes surrounding. The biggest wildfires in California History hits celebrity homes the same as everyone else but. A natural hero shows the fire you cant keeps a good man down. Some men run from fires while some ... run to them. Jeff Stryker a real-life hero, a man’s man.”

In truth, the tongue-in-cheek description aside, the video does not actually show Stryker running to the fire. But it does depict him after climbing to the roof of his home in a rural-suburban area of Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, and hosing down the rooftop with water, to help hold off the flames if they happened to reach his house.

And as the video shows,the flames did come close enough to singe the front gate of the house next door to his.

The 2009 AVN Hall of Fame inductee appeared, at least from the video, to take the narrowly averted catastrophe philosophically.

“Reality hits me hard, as it always does, my entire life. Almost weekly I have some kind of encounter,”  Stryker says, as the video opens. “Almost daily I avoid them because I have some strange habits that are quite interesting that make it so I don’t come in contact with police, or try not to. So join us…”

To view Jeff Stryker’s “Experience the fire in Reality!” video, go to this link.