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"Sales have increased under my watch. I'm not a production guy, I'm more of a marketing guy. My involvement in my previous productions was as more of a figurehead," says Spanky, who previously worked with his Spanky's Boys label and Male Media 1. "One of the things that I instituted when I came in here was that any of the companies that do produce  bareback, the producers have agreed to have the talent tested and there has to be mutual disclosure."

Rising Son Video has two releases under its belt, Pacific Rim, East Eats West and Like White on Rice, with Fast Samurai on the way. "These are what I call domestic Asians, kids from San Diego. And the Rising Son shtick is basically  white boys schtupping, with the Asian boys always on bottom...people like that new alternative stuff."

The studio is headed by Mark Woods out of the Miami Studios family, who recently took over for twin brother Matt, who is busy with two other labels: Firepower, an active duty bareback line, with hit The Surge and recent release Cream Dream Marines; and upcoming label Americreme Studios, with the first title Homo On the Range. The bareback line will feature themed movies, from westerns to other costume pieces.

Also joining the White Tiger family are the Commando and Erectus military lines out of San Diego, part of The Body Shoppe family. Erectus will start shooting some bisexual titles as well, and the lines have released Semper Fi 7 and Porn Models Wanted 2 since joining White Tiger. "It brings even more credibility to our company because we're becoming known as the military company, and our military stuff is - in my opinion - superior to some of the stuff that you can get from other people."

The studios join an already successful family that includes Hyde Park Productions, an award-winning twink line that has recently added the BDSM-themed Dark Realm Productions to its offering; Pride Studios, which releases the successful Circle Jerk Boys line; and Blue Lagoon Entertainment and Diamond Pictures, two high-quality lines directed by Csaba Borbely and featuring muscular Eastern Europeans, as well as Fresh Boyz.

"Having one studio that is big beefy guys like the Csaba Borbely stuff coming from Europe, having a military bareback line and another military line, a top twink line and then having an interracial line - but the interracial is Asian - I think that's offering a certain type of balance and difference," Spanky says. "And what that does is it keeps people from passing on my titles. The customers, the buyers from the large distribution companies, the large chains, don't get tired of our stuff. We are pretty different with what we're doing. Some guys distribute only what their own personal predilection is."

With the success of the Pride Studios releases, White Tiger is aiming to add more product from South Florida. On the way is a fraternity-themed offering and a South Florida Latin line. Spanky notes they have also hired producer Fernando Pulido to develop a gang-related line. In addition, two high-end European lines should be added soon.

"I'm not going to just take on anybody. I've turned down probably three times as many studios as we've taken on. Unless somebody really remarkable comes along, I think we're pretty much where we need to be right now," Spanky says.

"I think one big mistake I made in the past with my previous company is that some months I would have one studio put out two titles. People get tired of that stuff," he says. "If you're successful at shooting something, why not shoot something completely different with a different type of genre and put that out every other month, or once a quarter? That's what we're trying to accomplish with our studios."

Spanky will keep the output at the same pace in order to give each company a chance to shine. "The studios we're working with now, they all have pretty good guys and they all have different types of genres, so it's interesting dealing with all these various guys, because they all have different personalities," he says. "So it's really kind of exciting, and it's completely different for me. I'm having fun."

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