UK Math Teacher Outed By Students as Gay Adult Star

PEACEHAVEN, E. SUSSEX, UK—It's not as if adult performer Aaron Cage has had an extensive résumé in porn. According to his stats on the Internet Adult Film Database, he's appeared in just 12 features, mostly for Colt Studios, and with just one credit for each year from 2014 to 2016, there's reason to assume that those scenes are leftovers from his "glory days" of 2011-12, though he does appear as Mr. January in Colt's 2018 pin-up calendar.

But one "down side" (as the unenlightened would say) to being a hunky bodybuilder who's appeared in gay porn is that one's photos—dressed, partly dressed, undressed and hardcore—are on the internet, and it's not called the "World Wide Web" for nothing.

"A maths teacher was outed by pupils as a secret Hollywood porn star with the stage name Aaron Cage," reported Neil Syson and Andy Jehring of U.K.'s The Sun earlier today. "Australian body builder Scott Sherwood's double life was revealed when classmates at Peacehaven Community School (PCS) in East Sussex Googled his real name on their lunch break."

(AVN has a policy of not revealing adult performers' real names, but sadly, it would be impossible to report this story without doing so. AVN has asked mainstream media to avoid such revelations.)

According to the story, Sherwood, a bodybuilder who hails originally from Brisbane, Australia, spent 15 years as a physical trainer, and spent two years as an assistant phys ed teacher at Rodmell Primary School near Lewes before joining the faculty at Peacehaven.

But what's particularly troubling about the Sherwood/Cage story is the astounding lack of sex education the Peacehaven students have received, either from school or parents, judging by their (and their parents') reactions to finding out that their "maths" teacher (as the British refer to them) has had sex on camera with other men.

"That guy is my maths teacher," one student wrote as a comment to one of Cage's YouTube videos. "His real name is Scott Sherwood. I'm scared."

Another simply wrote, "My old maths teacher [four teary emojis]

The adults didn't take the news any better, with one mother telling the news site Metro that pupils who had discussed the matter at school had been threatened with detention.

"I picked up my 14-year-old niece who was giggling and said, 'My maths teacher is a porno actor,'" the uncle of one student told The Sun. "I couldn’t believe my ears, I was furious. They had gathered round in the playground watching one of their phones. As they found this stuff, the crowd got bigger and bigger and they started shouting stuff about Mr. Sherwood."

As things stand now, Sherwood, 50, has reportedly been suspended from his teaching duties, though there have been no reports of his having had any inappropriate contacts with his students, who ranged in age from 11 to 16. Moreover, it's clear that Sherwood never intended to make a career of adult acting, having told the Irish publication Gay Community News in 2014, "Porn shouldn’t be seen as work. It’s a second job at best. Everyone has a shelf-life. Even me. Trends in porn change. ... I see all these 22-year-olds with stars in their eyes—thinking this is going to be their career, then finding it’s all over and having their next career options curtailed."

One curtailment, comin' right up!