TOPDAWGS to Street in December

WASHINGTON - With the mixed martial arts phenomenon selling out arenas nationwide, it was just a matter of time before someone produced a hard-hitting gay adult film incorporating the heat of combat with raw man-on-man sex. Producer Marco Guerra stepped into the breach with TOPDAWGS.

In what FPG Entertainment and Pulse Distribution are billing as his most powerful film to date, director Cameron Finn combines dramatic action, attention-grabbing visuals and a stimulating musical score to tell a tale about young fighters striving to hone their skills while their mentors struggle with their pasts. Filmed on location at select Fort Lauderdale sites including a gym, a locker room, a nightclub and an alleyway, TOPDAWGS also is a story about loyalty in the face of danger and the fighters' adherence to a code of honor.

The movie will appeal to fighters, fight fans and those who appreciate naked aggression between combatants, according to the producers. As with FPG Entertainment's previous project, the adult content is integral to the movie's plot rather than the other way around.

The cast includes Trey Casteel, Dak Ramsey, RC Ryan, Cole Ryan, Alexy Tyler and Todd Welch, all of whom reveal themselves as they portray the story's characters.

Included on the two-DVD set are a number of bonus features: photo galleries, cast profiles, a "making-of" featurette, cumshots, trailers and previews.

TOPDAWGS will street on Dec. 11 at a suggested retail price of $49.95. The movie has a running time of 130 minutes.

Janet T. (818-435-1602) is handling distribution for Pulse.