Tony&Cam Celebrate 10th Anniversary

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.Anthony DeAngelo and Cameron Cruise stepped onto a gay porn set to shoot their first movie in November 1999. Ten years later, the couple—now known as the bareback producer-director-performer team Tony&Cam—still does everything together.

“And after these past 10 years of romance, fucking, filmmaking and everything in between, we’re still in love,” DeAngelo said.

With a nod to encouragement and tutelage from performer-director Paul Baressi, Tony&Cam performed in more than 20 safer-sex features before branching out on their own to found ZyloCo Inc. Though occasionally criticized for choosing to specialize in condom-less gay adult entertainment, they remain unapologetic and upbeat.

“We have survived critics, competition, the death of VHS, the upheaval in DVDs, the ‘economy’ and many other hurdles placed in our path—not to mention that our porn-star careers were supposed to end faster than they started,” DeAngelo remarked with a chuckle. “Business wouldn’t be any fun if there weren’t some challenges. Our success is due to our diligence and the strong relationships we’ve developed with our performers and business associates.”

Added Cruise, “And, of course, our devotion to each other.”

That devotion will give rise to the couple’s 27th DVD release in late November. They describe Cruisin’ with Cam as a 12-part episodic “sex travelogue” that follows Cruise on a tour of California in search of wet dreams. The movie will be the third distributed under a contract ZyloCo signed with Boulevard Distribution earlier this year.

“Andy [Goode, Boulevard’s founder and chief executive officer] has been able to reach into new markets for ZyloCo Inc. and has introduced the entire line of bareback films to a to an expanding global market,” DeAngelo said. “That’s a great help in the ever-changing arena of DVD distribution and sales.”

In addition to directing, producing, filming and starring in DVD content, the couple also owns and operates two websites: the eponymous and a three-year-old membership site,