Titan Releases ‘Folsom Flesh’

SAN FRANCISCO In TitanMen’s newest co-branded Folsom leather-fetish title, Folsom Flesh, eight hot guys work their ways through an entire menu of fetish play set against a dark background. The studio describes the movie as “artistic, yet extreme.”

Led by TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant and newcomer Will Parker, Folsom Flesh delivers flexible feats and intense BDSM under the skillful direction of Brian Mills.

The cast also includes Geoffrey Paine, Korben and Colin Steele. In addition, leather gear by Priape plays a starring role.

DVD extras, incorporated only on the director’s expanded edition DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions, includes fisting, watersports, spanking, restraints, behind-the-scenes footage and a bonus scene.

For more information about Folsom Flesh, co-produced with Folsom Street Events, visit TitanMen.com.

For more information about Priape leather gear, visit Priape.com.