Titan Media Releases ‘Copperhead Canyon'

SAN FRANCISCO - In Copperhead Canyon, the latest Joe Gage-directed release from Titan Media, officer Matthew Ford is hot on the tail of Bill Madison, a dangerous criminal in the backwoods of Colorado.

Madison is on his way to jail when he escapes custody and leaves Ford tied to a tree. The good guy, the bad guy and their respective accomplices match wits and sexual prowess in a desperate battle between good and evil.

In addition to Ford and Madison, Copperhead Canyon stars TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Chad Manning, Leed Scott, Ago Viara, Joe Strong, Wolf Hudson, Antonio Milan and Rick Powers.

The title is available on both standard-definition DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Copperhead Canyon went on sale July 29 at TitanMen. The wholesale release date is August 19.