Titan's Jasun Mark Rides Along With 'Bad Cop 2'

Pictured above, Jason Vario and Bruce Beckham in Bad Cop 2 (Titan Media)


LOS ANGELES—Bruce Beckham has had many memorable exploits in his life, but having sex with a police officer in uniform unfortunately isn’t one of them.

“Although I did have phone sex with an off-duty L.A. County deputy sheriff once years ago, while I was in Barcelona filming for Michael Lucas. Not quite the same thing though,” he says. “I've been in New York City for the summer, and there are hot policemen everywhere. There's definitely a turn-on to the authority and forbidden fruit quality of it.”

Oddly, it wasn’t always that way for the hunk, whose appreciation for men in uniform came later in life. “I never had any uniform fetishes growing up in semi-rural Ohio. I had an extremely sheltered, conservative Christian upbringing, so my exposure to a lot of the world was limited. I did have a huge crush on a semi-pro bodybuilder from the area who was gay, owned a gay bar in Cleveland and was a delivery man by day. I would have done almost anything to get to that guy.”

Thankfully for Beckham—and for fans—he’s catching up for lost time in Titan’s Bad Cop 2: Internal Investigation, the sequel to director Jasun Mark’s 2014 hit.

“We shot in the basement of a private home in Atwater Village, and the owner was a police and law enforcement uniform aficionado/fetishist,” Beckham recalls. “So innocuous from the outside, but the basement was filled with sexual energy—and racks and racks of uniforms and props.”

It’s a project the director was thrilled to revisit.

“I had talked about how much fun I had doing Bad Cop—people still, years later, talk about how much they loved that movie—and Keith [Webb, Titan VP] just said, ‘While you’re in L.A., why don’t you shoot another one?’ We were doing most of our production in Palm Springs, but I still had my crew with me, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to just get the whole team together and find the same location where we shot the first one,” says Mark. “It was a friend’s basement, and Bad Cop was one of the first movies that I shot when I took over production for Titan. So it was kind of fun to revisit that, and practically create the same locations and everything.”

In addition to Beckham, the project features an A-list cast: Dallas Steele, Tex Davidson, Jason Vario, Micah Brandt and Jeremy Spreadums. It also features superstar vet Dakota Rivers, returning this year after a hiatus.

“I hadn’t worked with him since my days at Cocksure Men, so we’re talking six years,” says Mark. “He came back to porn, and he is in two of the scenes. He and I had been chatting for two or three years back and forth about the possibility of him coming back to porn, and he said, ‘Maybe I’ll do it one day, but it has to be the right project and it has to be the right thing.’ He said that he loved working with Titan. When he and I worked together before for a different studio, we had a good time on set and it was a good experience. He said it just felt like a good fit to come back.”

So good that the relationship continued, as Rivers has filmed more projects for the studio.

“He’s like a moving statue. He’s very tall, and then he’s got those huge traps, right? Those shoulders… what’s so crazy about Dakota is that he almost looks so menacing, and yet he’s actually very soft-spoken.”

Mark struck lightning in a bottle with two of his cast members before—and decided it was time for a repeat.

“There’s a scene with Bruce and Jason, and I shot them together before for Cauke for Free. People have been saying, ‘My God, that scene was so hot!’ And we just figured let’s put them together again. They still have that amazing natural chemistry, they’re really attracted to each other, so why not?”

The temptation to work with both was too much for Beckham to pass up.

“Jasun Mark is a pro and someone whose shooting style I'm very familiar with. Plus, he and Jason Vario are two of my favorite people in the industry, so it was seamless. Jasun has been doing this for a long time, so not only is he technically astute and knows how to capture the best footage and stills, but he's organic and affable, and it feels like such a collaboration when we work together.”

And the connection and friendship between Beckham and Vario has grown close over the years.

“I think we've filmed together three times now,” Beckham says. “Professionally, we know the gig—parameters, expectations and filming flow—and trust each other enough to make the shoots organic and genuine. It probably started as horny excitement, and now we're connecting in more complex ways when we film.”

And they got to do so in uniform, a nice twist that sparked an even greater energy that comes across on camera: “I was surprised by how turned on I was by myself in uniform and Jason in uniform. His uniform was so tight, his arms were way too big for the sleeves, and his giant cock barely fit through the unzipped fly. I kind of wished we could dispense with the cameras and just go at it for a while that day.”

And they weren’t the only ones: “Seeing someone like Tex in a cop uniform is so hot. And seeing him paired with Micah, who’s got that amazing butt—and that gigantic cock of Tex’s—it was really magic,” says Mark.

“People like the idea of men in uniform—that’s a given, and I think that they also like the way that we played it. When you say ‘bad cop,’ you picture maybe something ominous, mean and violent; but here, they’re good cobs, they’re just being naughty. I think people responded really well to that—they liked the idea of the good guys just having a little dirty fun in the locker room or while they’re checking out an alarm or something. We definitely had the guys drop their guard and act like themselves in uniform.”

Mark notes it was a simple concept with a loose story tying it all together.

“I wanted to be really careful to not get bogged down telling too much story. I wanted it to be really simple setups. I wanted it to be about the men, the bodies, the uniforms and that locker room setting. I think that’s something that a lot of gay men can relate to and find sexy. For a movie like that, you’ve got more than enough without trying to have a big huge story.”

As for the potential of a Bad Cop 3? “I hope so,” Mark says. “If they told me, ‘You have to make a Bad Cop movie two or three times a year,’ I’d be fine with that. I think viewers would, too.”