TIM Pushes More Boundaries—and Buttons—with ‘1,000 Load Fuck’

SAN FRANCISCOAt what point does porn cross a line and become pure depravity? Gay adult impresario Paul Morris and his Treasure Island Media studio always have pushed the envelope, taking porn into the taboo, but even he questions whether his latest title descends into sexual madness, he admitted.

The 1,000 Load Fuck documents what Morris calls “the unthinkable: one lithe young man—sexy porngenue Ian Jay—daring to take literally a gallon of human semen up his ass.”

The production was not an overnight caper, either.

“It took us nearly two years to collect a gallon of human sperm,” Morris said. “Over 800 men gave their loads—sometimes multiple loads—for the project. It was all for little Ian Jay. He told me this was his ultimate dream and begged me to make it happen—and I live to make dreams come true.”

So if Morris was mad, at least he wasn’t consigned to a padded cell alone.

The two-year spooge-harvest involved Treasure Island minions collecting sperm fresh from spurting cocks, gathering drops from floors, thighs and lean tanned abdomens, even other men’s mouths, Morris revealed. Finally, the hot, sticky proof of more than 1,000 ejaculations was accumulated. The controversial harvest is documented on the DVD.

To complete what he called “a bold experiment in human depravity,” Morris gathered male sexual aggression personified by the likes of Paul “Mr. Leather UK” Stag, Keer and Jessy Karson. James Roscoe eagerly took on the role of crazed felcher and butt-sucker.

“All for science,” Roscoe said. “I’m thrilled that the documentary exists of this once-in-a-lifetime sex adventure. I personally tasted and smelled semen for a week afterward. God bless you, Paul Morris.”

Featuring 11 full-fledged hardcore scenes (including a rambunctious three-way starring Treasure Island lifetime exclusive Dawson and exclusive Brad McGuire), The 1,000 Load Fuck also presents the debut of Karson, the Quebecois with a cock of legendary proportions and balls the size of grapefruit, according to Morris. Others appearing in the escapade include Calvin, Derek Anthony, Jerry Stearns, Seth, BJ Slater, Andre Bryce, Chad, Craig, George, JC, Lito, Ray, Tober and Trevor.

The video runs 183 minutes, including bonus material. A trailer is available online.

For more information, visit TreasureIslandMedia.com.