Tim Kruger, Grobes Geraet Launch TimTales.com

BRUSSELS - Tim Kruger, a gay German performer who has worked for Hot House Entertainment, Raging Stallion Studios, Lucas Entertainment, Black Scorpion Video and Cazzo Film, has launched his own amateur, gay adult website at TimTales.com.

"We just launched it a few days ago," Kruger told GAYVN.com in an email. "My boyfriend and I worked hard for it and it took us some time, but now it's ready."

Kruger and his boyfriend, Grobes Geraet, call the website "a little family enterprise."

"It was Tim who had the idea for this site," Geraet said. "We both like to watch porn clips, especially those which are realistic and amateur style. We also realized there were many people who liked to check out our very first little video clips that we uploaded on dating websites. So, we decided to make something out of it.

"In the meantime Tim has become quite a well-known porn actor, so our division of work is clear," he continued. "Tim stays in contact with the porn scene and generally does most of the networking, and of course he is our star in many of the films on this site. Me, I'm the ‘producer.' I shoot and edit the films and photos, and in some of them I'm in front of the camera, too."

Kruger and Geraet said above everything else, they are dedicated to authenticity in their work. Only a few of the performers used in the scenes have experience working in commercial porn.

"It's all completely different from what's going on on a usual porn set," Geraet said. "We bring two or more people together who like each other and really want to have sex. When filming, I hardly ever give any directions; I just let the men go for it and the camera watches. So, what you get to see on TimTales are not shows for the camera. It's purely sex - horny sex that the men involved actually enjoy."

Kruger added, "We respect what the established industry does, but we like go another way on our site. We don't have those big budgets anyway, so it's the authenticity of the content that our members will hopefully like ... and we have already got some very positive feedback about that."

Kruger and Geraet said they plan to post at least three new clips and two new photo galleries per month. In addition, if the site performs well, they hope to expand the breadth of performers and locations they use in their scenes.

"We live in Germany, but if the site is successful we will take our equipment with us and shoot with friends all over the world, so we can advance the style and the quality of the videos," Kruger told GAYVN.com. "It's a lot of work to run the site, but i will go on working for the bigger companies anyway because that's an experience I wouldn't want to miss."

To check out the site, visit TimTales.com.