The Mystery of ‘Fan Base' Solved at Last

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. - Whatever happened to director Joe Gallant's first foray into gay film, Fan Base? Shot in New York and given a four-star rating by GAYVN, which reviewed it in 2005, the video never was released.

Gallant recently re-discovered the unfinished pre-release materials for his "lost" work, and the story began to emerge. Sometime after post-production, the few copies destined to become screeners were given to the cast of unknowns. The rest were burned.

Gallant took what he had to Pacific Sun Entertainment, and now the video is available at long last.

"Luckily the star, Mr. Joe, was still a character around New York and agreed to shoot [the box-cover] photos," Michael LaBarbera, production and marketing manager for Pacific Sun, told "I am fond of the one where someone is trying to stick a microphone up his ass. For a movie that was kind of ‘lost' and had no [promotional] photography to speak of, I think it looks pretty good."

Set against the backdrop of New York's seedy music and club scenes, Gallant depicts man-on-man sex through the jaded, artsy, edgy eye of an urban auteur. This is sex in the bars, backrooms and lofts of the urban jungle.

In addition to Mr. Joe, the cast includes Ivan K., Mikie Likesit, Danny, Lapis, Greg Jackson, Ivan Grey and Houston Bernard.

Fan Base hits the streets June 13.