Supreme X Entertainment to Release 'Big Dick Energy 360°'

MIAMI, FL—Supreme X Entertainment (SXE), the website devoted to gay black action, has announced the completion of its first urban adult 360 degree VR experience, with the impending release of Big Dick Energy 360°.

BDE 360° uses cutting-edge technology to accomplish this special project and introduces two hot male models in romantic, softcore sexual situations. Model King Shaka has the coolest energy, much sex appeal, is described as "super-professional," and is a ton of fun to work with. His on- and off-screen partner, model A-1, is a chiseled, classic "breath of fresh air," a "visual treat." Both men are packing tools that fans, male, female and other, are expected to crave and fantasize frequently about.

According to the company, their performances are organic, unrehearsed, and a testament to real-life black love. It brings everything to an exciting new level. SXE's goal was to capture strong chemistry, masculinity, passion, sex appeal, and take intimacy to a new level, without penetration and hardcore sex. SXE's models delivered just that, along with a new perspective, all in a virtual reality experience that is trail-blazing, exclusive and in its own lane.

360 degree VR film is the beginning of a whole new chapter in adult entertainment, because being totally immersed in urban adult content is going to rock some worlds. Now fans can engage by using their mobile devices like mobile windows into another world. With VR headsets, fans can become a part of the action for an out of this world experience.

Big Dick Energy will also be available in standard HD video, just minus a couple of segments which are exclusive to the VR title, but is just as sexually attractive. Big Dick Energy is a high quality film that’s devoted to passion and proper aesthetics. Big Dick Energy and Big Dick Energy 360° are both "next level," original, and damned sexy.

For VOD purchasing, visit Supreme X Entertainment's site