Superstar Tom Chase Returns for COLT

After publicly announcing his retirement two years ago, GAYVN Hall of Fame performer Tom Chase, one of the most important gay XXX-stars of the 1990s, has just completed filming two scenes for COLT Studio.

Chase's return to the screen was engineered by director John Rutherford, president and CEO of COLT Studio Group. "Tom and I have been longtime friends and he was the person who introduced me to [COLT Studio founder] Jim French a few years ago," Rutherford said. "We kept in touch after his retirement and a few months ago he said he would love to come back to COLT and do some new movies and photographs. Of course, I said, 'Absolutely!' and the rest is history."

Both of Chase's scenes are with COLT exclusives. He tops bodybuilder Skye Woods, and does a flip-flop with Carlo Masi. This is only the second time that Chase has bottomed in a movie.

The film, which has not been titled yet, will be released later this year.

"Tom's a great guy and I'm so happy to have him back in front of the COLT cameras," said Rutherford. "I think he looks better than ever!"

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