Studio 2000 Re-releases "Dream Team"

SAN FRANCISCO - Studio 2000 has re-released Jerry Douglas' modern classic Dream Team on DVD. Featuring Rick Chase, Tony Donovan and Kurt Young alongside Kristian Brooks, Lucas James, Aaron Lawrence and Scott Lyons, the acclaimed gay adult film was Douglas' only production for Studio 2000.

"Dream Team is the jewel in Studio 2000's catalog," said President and Chief Executive Officer David McKay. "It has been among our most-requested titles from customers and video distributors around the world. We are honored to make this fantastic movie widely available once again."
The re-release includes never-before-seen photo galleries, re-mastered sound and color correction. A brand-new, hour-long director's commentary offers an exclusive interview with Douglas conducted by porn journalist JC Adams.
"Dream Team is the only one of my films that has not been available for many years, so I was delighted when David McKay informed me that Studio 2000 would be re-releasing it," said Douglas, who both wrote and directed the movie. "Dream Team was always a very special, very personal film for me for many reasons, but mainly because it is the most autobiographical film I've ever made."
Douglas said the idea for the film came to him when a friend took his lover to a college class reunion, "and I wondered if I would have the guts to do that sort of thing. Once that idea was in place, the film basically wrote itself. I was also blessed with one of the best casts I've ever assembled - most especially Rick Chase and Aaron Lawrence in the two leading roles. Watching it now, almost 10 years later, I am pleased to see that it doesn't feel dated. Some things - most especially the human heart and gonads - never change.
"I am especially thankful to Studio 2000 for making the film available once more for an entirely new generation of gay filmgoers," he said.
Dream Team won four GAYVN Awards: Best Gay Video, Best Non-Sex Performance (Preston Richie), Best Screenplay and Best Director. It also won four Grabby Awards: Best Romance Video, Best Supporting Actor (Tony Donovan), Best Screenplay and Best Director.

ManNet said of the film, "There are tons of subtleties and interactions among the seven guys that cement their characters in unobtrusive ways ... the attention to detail is so fascinating. Dream Team is as comprehensive a big-budget porn video as you can find.... It is indeed some sort of dream."

AVN gave Dream Team a five-star rating, saying "Jerry Douglas, in his very unique way, has once again proven that a plot never has to get in the way of great sex. Luckily, Dream Team is no exception. What Douglas has accomplished in this release is nothing short of amazing. Utilizing seven hunky main characters and a very complex screenplay ... Douglas manages to create a very truthful and poignant film that still gives viewers what they ultimately want: Great sex."

And Gay Chicago's four-star review said, "Douglas takes years to finish a script, but ... the result is well worth the wait. Andrew Rosen's magical editing transports us through time and back again with ease, and the vintage cars and clothing add a great sense of nostalgia. The actors do a great job with the amount of dialogue and sex thrown at them ... particularly Young, which is no surprise. Donovan is absolutely terrific; Lawrence is both poignant and sad, and Chase carries the film effortlessly. Brooks and James show great passion for each other, and Lyons is a tragic hero. But the real winner here is Douglas. He makes you care for these characters and root for them and feel for them."