Tries to Bait & Tackle Levi's Johnson

CYBERSPACE—Boy, has Levi Johnston, the Alaskan hunk who almost got trapped in Palinville, ever opened Pandora’s Box. Since appearing on the Larry King show with his new “squeeze” Kathy Griffin and answering yes to the question whether he would consider posing nude, the offers have been pouring in, sort of.

Because the subject-matter involves frontal nudity—one would assume—it hasn’t quite been Vanity Fair or People stepping to the plate, but instead publishers more accustomed to shooting certain appendages.

Last week, Unzipped Media, publishers of gay publications Men, Freshmen and UnZipped, extended an offer to Johnston that included a cover story and a full nude layout. However, they did not announce how much they were willing to pay for shots of the willie from Wasilla.

Tuesday, however, Las Vegas-based actually proffered an offer worth $25,000 to Johnston if he agrees to perform a solo jerk off scene on video. The offer refers to a few hours of his time, but we suspect the act will probably take less time than that, so perhaps the extra hours will be spent tending to lighting and makeup.

The company has even launched a website dedicated to the former fiancée of what’s-her-name, It’s really just a single webpage, but who knows what it could blossom into if Johnston actually steps up, strips down and strokes himself to completion for the benefit of humanity.

The traffic would probably set the server on fire.