Sex And Magic Mix In Raging Stallion's 'Three Wishes'

SAN FRANCISCO—Raging Stallion, the gay production studio which is part of Falcon Studios Group and features all-natural men, has released the full version of its latest feature, Three Wishes. Award-winning director Steve Cruz co-wrote the saga with RS regular Tegan Zayne, who also stars in the movie along a cast of seven other hairy, hung studs, including Exclusive Woody Fox, as well as fan favorites Tegan Zayne, Seth Santoro, Jason Vario, Dolf Dietrich, Beaux Banks, Teddy Torres and Riley Mitchel in his gay porn debut. The feature basically asks the question, If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Money? Sex? A dream career? It's an age-old question examined in an erotic tale of desire and lust—and featuring plenty of hardcore gay sex. Three Wishes is now available on DVD and download on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

According to a synopsis provided by the company, Tegan Zayne and his friend Beaux Banks are desperate, homeless and ready to try anything to turn their lives around. Tegan turns to Seth Santoro for help with a magical spell to make his wishes come true. The sex ritual summons a Djinn, Jason Vario, who finds a worn-down Tegan in the desert after a bad experience with Seth's potion. Jason rescues him and takes him home where Tegan shows his appreciation. Jason offers to help both Tegan and Beaux for the price of Tegan's monogamy, but Beaux soon discovers that he's been sold off to a slimy talent agent, Dolf Dietrich. Dolf asserts his newly gained authority by getting Beaux into the sling. Meanwhile, Tegan is bored at home and decides to hit the sex club where he hooks up with Aussie-hunk Woody Fox, tatted-star Teddy Torres, and newcomer Riley Mitchell. If, and only if, Jason never finds out what Tegan has done, this deed will go unpunished. Tegan watches Jason and Seth Santoro from behind a door, and soon finds out that there are consequences to every action. Viewers can decide if Tegan's three wishes are a blessing or a curse.

"Spending time with Tegan Zayne, I quickly realized he's full of creative ideas," said Steve Crtuz. "His modern take on the traditional Three Wishes needed to be made. He has several positive qualities that reminded me of my younger self. I wanted to give him a platform for expression of those ideas the way others at Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios helped me at the start of my directing career. When you can, you should pay it forward. I was impressed both with his writing and his emotional performance of a boy on the edge."

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti said, "Steve Cruz and Tegan Zayne did an amazing job of pulling together a script that shows the darker side to human desire. I'm excited for fans to get a glimpse into the creative minds of these two talented co-writers with the help of the sexiest guys in the business.

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