Scene 1 of 'The Chosen Few' Out Today on

CYBERSPACE—Gay porn fans who love story-driven erotica are in for a treat today with the debut of a new feature, The Chosen Few, shot on location in a South Florida mansion. A joint production between the website and gay adult studio NakedSword, the first scene is now viewable on

“It’s very exciting because it’s our first NakedSword/ feature,” said Ducati.

And that’s not the only exciting thing about the project. Prominent director mr. Pam served as Ducati’s directorial co-pilot—welcome news considering the bang-up job she did directing Ducati in the GayVN Award-winning Secrets and Lies (NakedSword).

As if that weren’t enticing enough, consider the list of stars—a Chosen Few indeed. Dante Colle, Alam Wernik, Logan Moore, Michael Delray, Jacob Peterson, Arad Winwin and Danny Gunn all are featured.


“I love working with the NakedSword team,” Ducati said. “mr. Pam is so inspirational and talented. I learned a lot from co-directing with her.”

According to the plot synopsis, “Everyone in South Beach wants to part of the Chosen Few, an exclusive group of the world's hottest men, hand-selected by Logan Moore to live at his private island estate. Stories of their lavish lifestyle and endless hours of sexual debauchery tempt Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay onto Logan's boat, headed to paradise. Logan welcomes them to his home, where there is only one rule: no one touches his personal houseboy, Alam Wernik.”

Wernik, a new exclusive with Falcon Studios Group, plays the horny houseboy—and he certainly doesn’t play by the house rules. That’s apparent in the first scene, in which Moore catches houseguest Colle hooking up with the off-limits Wernik. There’s only one thing to do: Moore has to teach the handsome brunette a lesson he won’t forget—and the audience will thoroughly enjoy.

One by one, Wernik makes a move on every cock in sight. Will Michael and Danny be able to resist temptation? Somehow, we suspect they won't.

Ducati’s thrilled about the finished product, and notes that all of the scenes will soon be available on both and He expressed his gratitude to NakedSword chief Tim Valenti, who lent his support and guidance. “Thanks again to Tim for allowing this project to come to life,” Ducati said.