SayUncle Debuts New Parody 'The Iron Pa'

MIAMISayUncle has released the opening episode of its latest feature, The Iron Pa, a parody inspired by the 2023 A24 film The Iron Claw depicting the true story of the Von Erich brothers and starring Hollywood heavyweights Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White. 

The Iron Pa will be divided into four parts, all exclusively premiering on SayUncle’s newest channel, Just Say Uncle. The first installment, “Our Secret Love,” stars Cole Connor and Ty Roderick as Iron Pa and Dick Flair, alongside Tanner Valentino and Jack Valor as their respective stepsons.

"Tensions run high as the two father-son teams face off at a press conference ahead of their historic match—the first time all four will share the ring," a company synopsis recounts. "Dressed in their flamboyant wrestling attire, they boast, strut and exchange heated words. As emotions escalate, the wrestlers erupt into a chaotic brawl and the press conference abruptly ends.

"Later in the locker room, Jack and Tanner find themselves alone and discuss their hidden romance," the synopsis continues. "With their stepdads as fierce rivals who despise each other, the young men must conceal their feelings. Despite the risk of discovery, they give in to their desires, unable to resist each other. Afterward, they make a pact to reveal their relationship to their stepdads after the title match and they vow to give their all during the big match." 

"With The Iron Pa, SayUncle invites viewers into a world where family bonds and competitive spirit collide," a SayUncle rep said. "This release isn't just about wrestling; it delves into exploring taboo or forbidden relationships against the backdrop of exciting competition—but hot men wrestling each other adds to the fun, of course. Jack Valor and Tanner Valentino bring their best performances to this first installment. We hope our fans enjoy and are ready to see what comes next."

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