Rockafellaz, Flava Works to Collaborate on Productions

MIAMI - Rockafellaz Entertainment has moved from Atlanta to Miami and formed a production partnership with gay ethnic studio Flava Works.

According to spokesmen for the companies, "This partnership will allow both companies to expand their titles and offerings for their customers."

Rockafellaz chief executive officer Rocky said he was particularly pleased about the partnership, because it indicates to him that his new studio has "arrived." What began as a home-based website run by a gay adult performer and underwear model has come into its own, he said.

"I'm delighted that this partnership has taken place, and I thank Flava Works for this opportunity," he said. "Now that I am not only a porn star but a CEO as well, I have the opportunity to really give the fans what they want."

In addition to its corporate website, Rockafellaz also maintains the membership site RawRods. The studio's titles are available at Flava Works' e-tail location, CocoStore.