'Rear Deliveries' Reveals Life Behind the Scenes at an Adult Studio

SAN FRANCISCO - Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at a major porn studio? In Rear Deliveries, which Raging Stallion Studios said is based on life in its shipping-and-receiving department (wink, wink), there appears to be quite a bit more receiving than shipping going on.


Raging Stallion exclusives Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, Logan McCree, Manuel DeBoxer, Dominic Pacifico and Ricky Sinz, plus Mike Dreyden, Xander Solis and Diesel Washington do their best to prove how hard working in porn can be. More than office politics can cause sucking up, and manual labor takes on a whole new meaning in studio stockrooms. When these guys say they got "fucked by the boss," they mean it literally.


If your DVD arrives a bit sticky, don't blame the adhesive tape used to seal the box.


Rear Deliveries was released Jan. 14.