RandyBlue Exhorts Men to 'Do Me Now'

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Do Me Now, the latest title from RandyBlue Adrenaline, features a cast of men who will do anything for some hot man-on-man sex.

Directed by Randy Blue and starring Colby Keller, Kyle Hennessy, Spencer Reed, James Hawk, Benjamin Bradley and Jeremy Walker, Do Me Now offers a collection of vignettes in which sex isn’t an afterthought—it’s the only thought.

Seemingly metrosexual Walker rams the ever-so beautiful Bradley’s ass like an untamed, wild animal. Reed is all about incredibly dirty talk, which he uses to titillate and manipulate Hennessy. Keller is featured in a bonus solo scene.

The DVD is scheduled to street Monday.

“What a great title [for this DVD],” said Janet T., vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution, which represents the line. “It’s exactly what the movie is all about. These guys are hot-and-horny animals who won’t take no for an answer, and the sexual tension is just too hot.

“RandyBlue Adrenaline always has the best-looking men, and when they get together, the chemistry is undeniable—that’s why [the studio’s] titles are top sellers for us. I’m sure this title will do exceptionally well.”

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