Raging Stallion’s Latest Feature 'Wasteland' Is Now Out On DVD & Downloadable

SAN FRANCISCO—Falcon Studios Group has released Raging Stallion’s Wasteland on DVD and made it available for download. Director Steve Cruz presents a world not too far in the future, where things take a turn for the worse. The continent becomes a barren hellscape, a "wasteland," and the only valid currencies are food, water, shelter, and hardcore fucking. This survival-of-the-hottest-and-fittest tale shows the rough, ruthless stud survivors who wield their big muscles and big dicks to stay on top of the food chain. Wasteland is available on DVD and for download today on the Falcon Studios Group Store.

With an all-star cast lead by A-Team Exclusive Bruno Bernal and popular studs Bruce Beckham, Sean Duran, Rafael Lords, Talon Reed, Ryan Cruz and Myles Landon, this intense, beautifully-filmed feature promises to satisfy fans.

The movie begins with Bruno Bernal being captured and jailed by Bruce Beckham. Knowing that his only chance for survival lies in pleasing his captor, Bruno Bernal submits to the brutal pummeling of muscle god Bruce Beckham. Talon Reed discovers some much-needed supplies, and when he brings them back to the compound, his reward is Myles Landon's cock. After days of wandering in the desert, Rafael stumbles into the compound, unaware of the danger he's just stepped into. Ryan Cruz offers Rafael his protection—for a price. In this "wasteland," with no law and no order, it takes extreme measures to survive, and these rugged men are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top.

“There’s been a recent demand for films with more narratives. All of the models put their all into giving more than your average sex scene,” stated director and star Steve Cruz. “I was proud of all they accomplished.”

“Nothing is hotter than being trapped in an apocalyptic world and needing to do whatever you can to survive,” opined Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “Steve Cruz’ vision is intricately brought to life with his rugged and horny cast fucking in underground bunkers as if their lives depended on it.”

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