Raging Stallion Studios Names 2006 Man of the Year

Raging Stallion Studios president Chris Ward has selected 23-year-old Australian Remy Delaine to be the studio's Man of the Year for 2006.

Delaine, whose fashion model good looks landed him on the cover of Australia's Blue Magazine #55 — its most successful issue ever — performs both as a top and a bottom "and his eleven-inch, beer-can cock attracts as much attention as his face," Ward said in the press release announcing his selection.

Delaine was not named Man of the Year just because of his stunning looks and endowment, Ward said. "Remy is one of the best performers we have ever seen — his goal is to make excellent films and his over-the-top sexual energy makes filming him very, very enjoyable work. He is very 21st-century. His physical shape is current and his style is new. He is a real find and as a director I am extremely lucky to have him as a star," he explained.

Delaine stars in numerous Pistol Media productions as well as in Chris Ward feature films shot in San Francisco. (Pistol media is Raging Stallion's sister company.) He is one of the key stars of Arabesque, a 12-scene extravaganza that Ward describes as Raging Stallion's most ambitious production to date. Arabesque will be released on Christmas Day and sold as a three-disc set.

"This was a complete surprise for me!" exclaimed Delaine. "I thought something was up when they asked me to fly to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair, but I had no idea that Chris had selected me as his Man of the Year. I work hard at making my scenes as good as they can be and working with the Raging Stallion crew is very easy. We all enjoy what we are doing and I am very pleased that customers have responded to what I present on film. Life is good and I am having a blast!"

Delaine will be presented with his Man of the Year trophy at a 1,000-person invitation-only party at San Francisco's Mezzanine on September 24. The event also celebrates the 50th birthday of Raging Stallion co-founder JD Slater. Chi Chi LaRue will be the guest deejay as a special present to Slater, Ward said.

Other Raging Stallion exclusive performers who have held the Man of the Year title are Miguel Leonn (2005), with Shane Rollins, Michael Brandon, Tom Vacarro, Bryce Pierce, and Dean Coulter before that.

Photo courtesy of RagingStallion.com