Raging Stallion Releases Two More Titles on Blu-ray Disc

SAN FRANCISCO - Raging Stallion Studios has released two additional titles on Blu-ray Disc: Ben Leon's The 4th Floor and the Steve Cruz feature Hotter than Hell Part One. The two additions bring Raging Stallion Blu-ray library to a total of three movies. The company expects to release seven more Blu-ray Discs by the end of the year.

The 4th Floor is an all-sex film starring RSS exclusives Roman Ragazzi, Logan McCree, Antonio "11 inch" Biaggi, Steve Cruz and Jake Deckard. It has been available on Blu-ray since July 1.

Hotter Than Hell, a two-disc summer movie, will be available for purchase shortly. It stars Steve Cruz, Logan McCree, RJ Danvers, Damien Crosse and Ricky Sinz. The movie was written by Steve Cruz and directed by Chris Ward and Ben Leon.

Raging Stallion President Ward underscored the studio's commitment to Blu-ray.

"We really enjoy seeing our films in full HD," he said. "It's the future, and Raging Stallion is determined to be the dominant player in the growing Blu-ray market. We do our own in-house authoring, and we are gearing up to really start pumping these out. We plan to release seven more Blu-ray titles before December 31, going to two new Blu-ray discs per month by the end of the year."

In order to support the expansion of the new format, Raging Stallion has priced its wholesale Blu-ray titles at the same price as its regular releases.

The 4th Floor: Non-stop sex

The 4th Floor is a new installment in Raging Stallion's "hard sex in dark places" tradition - all from the twisted mind of award-winning director Ben Leon. Each scene begins with sex and ends in sweat and cum.

"For each scene of The 4th Floor I focused on starting with some kind of visual gimmick: a cops-and-robbers theme, a chase, a non-stop elevator ride, all within the context of a large industrial building," Leon said. "Each gimmick contributes a bit of tension and mystery to the sex that ensues. Working with some of the hottest men in the business was the inspiration.

"The scene with Logan McCree and Roman Ragazzi is by far the best scene I have shot with Roman," he continued. "The chemistry is palpable. These two did not want to stop fucking. I love the cop-and-robber role-play scene with Scott Tanner and Steve Cruz. I designed that scene so the power dynamic between the two was already established from the first shot.

"For this movie I played with light more than ever, pushed shadows farther and used slits of light to add depth. Hopefully people will enjoy it as much as I did filming it."

Hotter than Hell: Two parts on four discs

Steve Cruz's Hotter than Hell is a four-disc two-parter that rides the July and August heat into stores all around the world. The plot-driven movie written by Cruz comprises a tale of a stalker (played by Cruz) and his victim (played by Crosse). Add the devil, played by Sinz, and the result is explosive.

With a new eye on narrative, award-winning directors Ward and Leon tackled a script written by Raging Stallion's most popular bottom, Cruz.

"Ben and I really enjoyed working with Steve on this film," Ward said. "He wrote an excellent script, and the guys gave great performances. This movie may be nominated for best all-sex DVD of 2008."