Raging Stallion Releases Three New Titles

SAN FRANCISCO—Raging Stallion has released a new fisting feature and two new compilation DVDs that provide ample niche material for fans of hairy guys and big dicks.

Fistpack 23: What’s Happening Down There? introduces RJ Danvers as the performer Raging Stallion calls its “stunning new fisting superstar.” Directed by award winner Ben Leon, the movie is another addition to the studio’s library of what RSS President Chris Ward unabashedly refers to as “uncensored, controversial ass-play.”

Ward said the DVD will be produced only in limited quantities.

“When they are gone you will no longer be able to get this film in DVD format,” he said. “You will eventually be able to see some of the scenes on our website, FistingCentral.com, in mid-2011.”

He also said he expects Danvers to take the fisting world by storm.

“RJ follows in the footsteps of one of my all-time favorite fisting actors, Mark Evrett,” Ward revealed. “Like Mark was when he first did porn, RJ is in his early 20s, hairy, and his whole life is focused on his ass. The line of fisting tops is long at RJ’s house, and he lives to have his ass stretched and pounded.”

In What’s Happening Down There?, fellow RSS exclusive Junior Stellano tops Danvers before Mason Garet, Derrick Hanson, Antonio Biaggi and Rick Powers take turns with each other.

Hairy Boyz 13 comprises handpicked scenes from seven films directed by JD Slater: Roid Rage, Centurion Muscle 2: Alpha, Centurion Muscle 3: Omega, Centurion Muscle 4: Erotikus, Centurion Muscle 5: Maximus, Centurion Muscle 6: Monument and Hunter Hunted. Trey Casteel, Brock Hatcher, Xerxes, Hank Dutch and Brendan Davies reprise a muscle orgy. Blake Nolan and Leo Rocca journey from tender to tough and mild to wild. The muscle-bear duo of Huessein and Mick Powers engage in a sleazy pas de deux of fur, sweat and sin. Jake Deckard flip-flops with Casteel in a scene he co-edited, and Tober Brant and Peter Axel turn an innocent “comparative anatomy” session into a feral competition. Vin Costas, Charlie Fabravo, Erik Hunter, Xerxes and Trojan Rock get in a few “good licks” of their own.

Humongous Cocks #3 combines well-endowed scenes from Sexpack Two; Passport to Paradise; Arabesque; Stick It In!; Poke, Prod and Penetrate; and Pokin’ in the Boys Room. The clips feature Tom Vacarro, Dean Coulter, Miguel Leon, Pete Ross, Ivan Andros, Remy Delaine, Matt Sizemore, Steve Pierce, Michael Brandon, Rick Hammersmith and Taurus.

All three new releases are available at the studio’s website, RagingStallion.com.