Raging Stallion Releases ‘Hairy Boyz 12’

SAN FRANCISCO – Handpicked scenes from six Raging Stallion classic titles, all starring hairy men, compose the multiple hours of content on the studio’s new compilation release, Hairy Boyz 12.

Featuring Pierro Sias, Shane Alexander, Huessein, Ivan Andros, Gerald, Collin O’Neal, Jay Black, Eric Evans, Dirk Jager and Tag Adams, the scenes were culled from Roid Rage, Centurion Muscle, Passport to Paradise, Lords of the Jungle and Bedroom Eyes. Also included is Evans’ solo from Studs, his final movie before leaving the industry.

In the first scene, from Roid Rage, Raging Stallion exclusive and formidable top Huessein tackles both Sias and Alexander. Huessein appears again in the Centurion Muscle scene, a solo that displays every inch of the swarthy Istanbul native in graphic detail.

Andros tops Gerald in a two-part scene from Passport to Paradise before O’Neal and Black ramp up the “jungle love” theme in a scene from Lords of the Jungle, which the studio bills as “some of the best footage Raging Stallion ever has offered.”

Evans follows in his Studs solo, in which “he never looked better,” according to a Raging Stallion spokesman. Finally, Raging Stallion exclusive and multiple award-winner Adams bottoms for Jager in the kitchen scene from Bedroom Eyes.

The DVD is available in the store at RagingStallion.com.