PZP to Release <I>The DaVinci Load</I>

PZP Productions announced today a planned summer release of The DaVinci Load. "This will be the first time that a porn parody will be released simultaneously with the Hollywood blockbuster it is parodying," said PZP's Peter Zaragoza.

The DaVinci Load will be distributed by Marina Pacific.

"It's big gamble," said Zaragoza, who also has a non-sexual role in the film. "If the real movie tanks at the box office then we're screwed! But I'm betting that director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks will deliver the big hit that everone is anticipating. And I loved the book."

Zaragoza stressed that The DaVinci Load is "very loosely" based on the book, "yet it tries to retain the same suspense."

"I love campy porn," said Zaragoza, "so it was very hard for me to do this film without making it tongue-in-cheek. There is some serious shit in this film, including political commentary and even a couple of non-violent, cloak-and-dagger style murders."

PZP Productions is the fledging company that produced 2005's Desperate Houseboys and Sammy Case Superstar. The latter is nominated for a 2006 GAYVN Award.

"We shoot everything on a shoestring budget, but we have great creativity and big dreams," Zaragoza said. "In the past the production value of our films haven't been great, but we're getting better at it. The DaVinci Load is our most ambitious and expensive film to date. The star, new discovery Sebastian Young, is a hot bad-boy with a fat cock and great charisma. I believe he can be a major star."

Zaragoza told GAYVN that Load is a condom movie. "I did one scene without condoms in Desperate Houseboys because the models were lovers and had just been tested; however, I didn't feel very good about it later on. So that was my last bareback scene."

PZP's current release is Chicken a la Twink.

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