Pulse Streets Outdoor, Interracial Gay Titles

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Two new gay titles streeting this week through Pulse Distribution celebrate exhibitionism and all kinds of diversity.

Outdoor Fuckin’ from Cocksure Men features Jeremy Bilding, Shane Frost, Tristan Jaxx, Conner Habib, Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, AJ Irons and DJ Mann. The men pair up and have at each other on deck chairs and blankets and in the wild, displaying diverse techniques in diverse settings where the danger of being discovered by passersby only heightens the excitement. The DVD dropped May 10.

“Cocksure Men knows how to find the best-looking guys,” said Pulse Vice President of Sales Janet T. “Lots of guys are into public sex and might be afraid of getting caught. The guys in the movie are definitely fulfilling their fantasies, and this title might make [viewers] brave enough to go out there and try it. The summer’s coming, so anything is possible, right?”

RandyBlue Adrenaline’s latest offering, Lust and Desire, pairs eight men with contrasting ethnic backgrounds, body types and personalities. Hirsute white guy Sebastian Rivers can’t wait to wrap his lips around Tyler Johnson, who’s a mix of African American and Asian and looks strangely like golfer Tiger Woods. Cuban Eddie Diaz loves the way his Asian houseboy Johny Angel takes care of his every need. The chemistry between Caucasian Blake Riley and African-American Christopher Ashlee nearly sets off a chain reaction. And lean, smooth Tai Lee’s pairing with bearded, spiky haired Malachai Marx results in some memorable money shots.

“RandyBlue is one of our best-selling gay lines,” Janet said. “They consistently have the best covers, hottest male talent and great premises and storylines. Even I drool over the male talent.”

For more information about the studios, visit RandyBlue.com and CocksureMen.com.

For wholesale information, visit PulseDistribution.com.